A CRC-Aided Hybrid Decoding Algorithm for Rate-Compatible Insertion Convolution Turbo Codes

Abstract: In this paper, a hybrid turbo decoding algorithm is used, in which the outer code, Cyclic Redundancy Check code is not used for detection of errors as usual but for error correction and improvement. This algorithm effectively combines the iterative decoding algorithm with Rate-Compatible Insertion Convolution Turbo Decoding, where the CRC code and the turbo code are regarded as an integrated whole in the Decoding process. Altogether we propose an effective error detecting method based on normalized Euclidean distance to compensate for the loss of error detection capability which should have been provided by CRC code. Simulation results show that with the proposed approach, 0.5-2dB performance gain can be achieved for the code blocks with short information length.
INDEX TERMS:Turbo codes, cyclic redundancy check, ordered statistics decoding, normalized Euclidean distance.