A Secure Approach against Flood Attacks in Disruption Tolerant Networks using Claim Verification

Abstract-Disruption Tolerant Networks comprise
of versatile hubs conveyed by human beings.DTNs use
the portability of hubs and the astute contacts among
hubs for data transmission.DTNs are Vulnerable to
flood attack due to limitations of bandwidth and
bufferspace.Flooded packets and replicas degrade the
network service provided to good nodes.By using rate
limiting we can defend against flood attack in
DTN.Claim-carry-and-check adopts that each node
counts the number of packets and sent the count to other
nodes. The packets are encrypted and then send it to the
next nodes.For the encryption advanced encryption
standard algorithm is used.The data is decrypted by the
destination who receives the data.By using AES
algorithm we can easily find the attackers who modify
the data.

Index Terms—DTN, security, flood attack, detection