A Survey Based on Secure and Efficient Task Scheduling Technique For Cloud Computing

Abstract—over the past few years the concepts of Task Scheduling Scheme for cloud have been considered as a very much promising fields. Cloud environment be the pattern of computing in which on demand extensible and frequently imaginary resources are provided as service through online network. It consist of huge amount of resources, the cloud consumer can use those resources based on SLA (Service Level Agreement) between consumer and cloud vendor. Resource scheduling in cloud environment is NP-hard problem. Since many years many researchers have been proposed various techniques for task scheduling in the field of cloud computing. This study focuses on efficient scheduling algorithms and resource scheduling based on SLA and demerits related in cloud computing. In this project work, it introduces an algorithm which considered Preempt able task execution and multiple SLA parameters such as memory, network bandwidth, and required CPU time. An obtained experimental results show that in a situation where resource contention is fierce our algorithm provides better utilization of resources. Here in this paper we have presented various task scheduling techniques and their efficiency.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Task Scheduling Scheme,, Virtual Machine , Software as a Service(SaaS).