A Survey Based on Secure Data extarction in Disruption-Tolerant Military Network

Abstract—over the past few years the concept of secure information retrieval for decentralized Disruption-Tolerant Networks have been considered as a very much promising fields for the military network environments. Disruption-Tolerant network (DTN) technologies attempt to route the network messages successfully in between the connected nodes. Disruption-tolerant networking has gained currency in the United States due to support from DARPA, which has funded many DTN projects. Disruption may occur because of the limits of wireless radio range, sparsely of mobile nodes, energy resources, attack, and noise. Since many years researchers have been discussed and analyzed many technologies for the extraction of secure data for DTN. Disruption- tolerant network (DTN) technologies are believed to be the appropriate solutions which allows peer to peer communication between two nodes in the extreme networking environments. Some of the most challenging problems in this scenario are the enforcement of authorization policies and the policy updating for secure data retrieval. The concept of attribute-based encryption (ABE) is a promising approach that full fills the requirements for secure data retrieval in DTN. In this paper we have discussed about disruption tolerant network and many security issues regarding packet transmitting in the disruption tolerant network.
Keywords: Disruption Tolerant Military Network, Security Issues, Data Transmission.