Arduino Based Biometric Recognition and Alcohol Detection for Safety Transportation

Abstract— In our project we represent the safety measures of public by using alcohol detection sensors while traveling in roads the sensors of alcohol detects the alcohol consumed person and make him not drive any vehicle this condition applies when he enters into any vehicle. And another part of our project is biometric recognition it can be used in any type of vehicle to protect from thefting, the advantage of this biometric system is only the registered candidates in the system will be considered as owner of the vehicle and the particular person can start the vehicle easily. If the biometric registered person consumed the alcohol, then the vehicle ignition will be stopped in this way the alcohol consumed person cannot drive the vehicle. In this way our project is helpful in these two ways one is for alcohol detection person and another is for biometric recognition of vehicle. This paper represents our project which we try to tackle the problems of accidents and property loss due to drunken driving. In our project we have used Arduino Uno3 microcontroller attached to an alcohol sensor which detects alcohol by breath of a person driving the vehicle. As soon as engine is switched off ad buzzer is blown, thereby we can reduce the accidents occurred. We have also used fingerprint recognition to overcome vehicle theft, for that we are using fingerprint sensor. KEYWORDS: Alcohol Detection, Fingerprint sensor, Arduino Uno3, Engine locking system.