Identification of Microaneurysms in Computerized Fundus Image

Abstract—Diabetic retinopathy is a severe and widely spread eye disease. It is the commonest cause of legal blindness in the working-age population of developed countries. That is the reason for the intensified effort that has been undertaken in the last years in developing tools to assist in the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy. In this framework of computer assisted diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy, a new algorithm for detection of microaneurysm is presented. The presence of microaneurysm within the macular region is a main hallmark of diabetic macular edema and allows its detection with a high sensitivity. Hence, detection of microaneurysm is an important diagnostic task, in which computer assistance may play a major role. Microaneurysm is found using their high grey level variation, and their contours are determined by means of an Ensemble process. These microaneurysm are identified, compared with the input image and is reported so that the diagnosis of this disease will be convenient.
IndexTerms–Diabeticretinopathy(DR), Microaneurysm(MR), Ensemble process.