Identifying multiple sclerosis of lesions in Magnetic Resonance (MR) Image using Fish school based Clustering

Abstract— Multiple sclerosis of lesions is caused in the central nervous system, because of genetic and environmental condition this particular is not able to predict.MRI is used to detect the particular scenario by identifying the gray and white matter. The MRI is not sufficient to take accurate decision because of complex structure of tissues. The suggested fish school based clustering technique is used to better formation of cluster and assist the for the surgeon for valued decision making of demarcation of tissues. Many techniques have been proposed for identification of lesions present in MRI but there is need of techniques which will provide accurate result in identifying the lesions and it will be compared with the conventional techniques. The suggested technique will help in terms of identifying the lesions more accurate in the medical image analysis.
Index Terms—Fish School based clustering, Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI),Fuzzy C-Means(FCM).