Medical Image Analysis

Abstract— Image analysis has an important role in many applications ranging from medical imaging to astronomy. It is the process of identifying and understanding patterns that are relevant to the performance of an image based task. It is different from other image processing applications like restoration, enhancement and coding where the output is another image. The image is processed in such a way that it removes all unwanted information retaining only that part of the image which contributes significantly to the analysis task. The analysis task creates a mapping from a digital image to the description of image’s content. The image description can either be a number which would represent the number of objects in the image, or it can be a degree of anomaly which would define the shape variation of an object or it can be labelling of pixels to classify different regions of the image. Until early 90s, image processing was performed with specially designed and constructed areas of memory called framestores and the performance and speed were rather slow. But, now it is possible to download image analysis software from a number of websites and perform the task of analysis with less effort.