Secure and Privacy Preserving Oppurtunistic Computing Framework for Mobile Health Care Emergency

Abstract: we propose a computing framework for mobile healthcare emergency with Smartphone resources including computing power and energy can be opportunistically gathered to process the computing intensive personal health information. During mobile healthcare emergency with minimal disclosure with the pervasiveness of wireless body sensor network (BSN). Mobile healthcare extends the operation of healthcare provider in to pervasive environment for better health monitoring of diabetes and asthma has attracted considerable interest recently. In specific PHI privacy disclosure and the high reliability of PHI process and transmission in m-health emergency
Mobile healthcare is the integration of mobile computing and health monitoring. It is the application of mobile computing technologies for improving communication among patients. As mobile devices have become an inseparable part our life it can integrate healthcare more to our everyday life. It enables the delivery of accurate medical information anytime, anywhere by means of mobile devices. Recent technological advances in sensors, low power integrated circuits and intelligent biosensor nodes. These nodes capable of sensing, processing and communicating one or more vital signs can be integrated into wireless personal or body area networks for mobile healthcare monitoring.