Tristate and Gate Using Photonic Crystal

Abstract – All optical logical gates based on Photonic crystal waveguides is a promising technique in future high speed all-optical signal processing. In this paper, Tristate AND gate is proposed using photonic crystal. To realize this, the photonic crystal is considered with a square lattice of dielectric rods which are surrounded by air. The circuit design carried out by using photonic suit AND gate. Tristate AND gate is designed by introducing defects in the photonic crystal and changing parameter values such as rod radius, lattice constant, dielectric constant. In this paper, the structure operates efficiently on the free space wavelength of 2.5nm with cross section of dielectric rods of 0.2nm. The refractive index of the square lattice dielectric rod is 2 and the 3 Kerr type non-linear rods have the same parameter values except refractive index have the value of 20.
Keywords – All optical devices; Logical AND gate; Photonics Crystal; Waveguide and Kerr effect.