Volume 2 February 2016

Article# Article Title & Authors ( Volume 2 February 2016 ) Pages
1 Application SCADA System in MiniSec Sensor Network
S.Muthu Meera, S.Induja, M.Arulkumar, E.Vanumamalai
2 A Single-Stage Integrated Three Level AC–DC Converter
P. Mahesh, B. Balakrishnan, M. Arunkumar, A.Saravanan,M. Muneeswaran
3 Evaluation of High-Voltage Circuit Breaker Performance with Modified Schavemaker Arc Model
S. Pasumpon, R. Saravanan, A. Maruthu, A.Saravanan, M. Muneeswaran
4 Switched Boost Inverter for Grid Connected and Nanogrid Applications in Standalone DC
S.Manikandan,S.Rajagopalan,D.Vinothkumar, Ms.X.MonicaRoselin, M. Muneeswaran
5 Design of Matrix Converter Using Carrier Based PWM Technique
S D.Narayanaguru, M.Maharaja,C.Manojkumar, X.MonicaRoselin, M. Muneeswaran
6 Transformer Fault Diagnosis Based on Support Vector Machine and Cat Swarm Optimization
J. Jefrin wilfred, A. Sundar, V. Kapil Raja, A.Saravanan, M. Muneeswaran